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Global Auction Services provides a global platform for Businesses and Governmental Entities to liquidate surplus, recover assets, and reduce inventory.  Global Auction Services does not believe in a “One size fits all” approach to your needs.  Rather, through the use of various options, we believe in customizing a program that works best for you.  Our partnerships and strategic alliances give us flexibility, while allowing us to utilize the best programs and solutions available in the industry.  Our reach is global, yet we don’t forget about potential buyers in your local market.  Our marketing department actively generates potential buyers both locally and globally for our clients.  Finally, we put your business first; branding pages with your logo and your color scheme.  Clients that you drive to your online storefront, or any other page that is generated for you, remain your client.  They are not sent to a generic page with both the assets that you are marketing along with the assets of what others are marketing.

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